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  • Are you looking for gloves which are stitched with the real Kevlar thread and provide real protection against the high temperature operations and handling.
  • The SpecxArmor presents Mecwest EN certified and tested gloves welding gloves for you
  • Stitched with real flame retardant Kevlar thread provides additional strength and life to the gloves with the additional inside soft padding
  • Four layer high temperature thermal gloves that give unbeatable protection against the high temperature and the ideal in the winter weather and cold conditions
  • 14 inches regular long gloves provide excellent protection against the welding sparks, molten metals sparks, grinding debris, open flames and fire, hot coals handling during a barbeque, hot kitchen and steam works
  • The Mecwest high temperature gloves give the true protection up to 1112°F(600℃) and highly recommended for Foundry Casting, metal fabrication, stick welding (SMAW), Mig welding (GMAW), Flux core welding (FCAW), Glass fabrication , forging and the other type of similar applications / operations
  • The gloves are made of 1.3mm thick natural cowhide split leather which is highly thermal and heat resistant, spark resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant, oil resistant • The inside layer is extremely soft, sweat absorbent, breathable and allergy free
  • 100% satisfactory service guarantee to all of our market place customers.
  • If you do have any issues please let us know through email